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Division of Statistical Monitoring & Evaluation

Mailing address :

Statistical Monitoring and Evaluation Cell (SM&EC)
Additional Director (Stats) & HOD (SM&EC)
NCDC, 22- Shamnath Marg,
Delhi 110054
Ph:  011-23958613
Fax: 011-23958613
E-mail: biostats.ncdc@gmail.com

Name, Designation & Contact Details of the Head of the Division :

Smt. Shobha Marwah
Additional Director (Stats.)
Tel No: (O)     011-23958613
Tel No: (R)     011-27948641
Fax  :             011 - 23958613  

Other Officers in the Division :
  1. Sh P K Dhamija, Joint Director, MSc (Stats.), MA (Eco), MBA (F)
  2. Shri. S. D. Sharma, MA (Eco), Statistical Officer


Broad outline activities of the Division
  • Overall supervision for collection, analysis and feedback of the data received in IDSP with designated IDSP staff.
  • Provide statistical support to all divisions of NICD in planning, research studies including analysis and presentation of outbreak data and its interpretation.
  • Preparation and submission of the weekly, monthly and annual reports.
  • Participate in teaching and training activities of the Institute.
  • Administrative support for Conduct of MPH(FE) Course
  • Carry out any other duty assigned by Spl. DG & Director from time to time.

Routine activities undertaken by the cell

Statistical support to the Faculty/ Scholars at NICD:


The Cell provided professional assistance to Faculty/Scholars/Students at NICD in their Research Projects and Field Studies for finalization of sampling Design, Sample Size and Data Analysis including application of various Statistical Tests etc. Some of the important projects in which assistance was provided are as under:

  • Sero-Survey for YAWS Eradication Programme of Division of Parasitic Diseases
  • Sampling Methodology for Pilot Project on Prevention and Control of Human Rabies
  • Analysis of Polio data of high risk blocks of UP and Bihar
  • Polio Situation Analysis in selected blocks of Ghaziabad districts of UP.
  • Ward-wise Dengue cases of different Zones of Delhi

Lecture on Bio-Statistics and Computer Courses:


Lecture on Statistics and Computer related topics are delivered to the participants of various training programmes and courses including 2 years MPH (FE) and 3 months FETP. The lecture material is also prepared and provided to the participants depending on their level. In addition the work also relates to co-ordination of MPH (FE) Course in connection with two theory papers namely EP-103: Biostatistics I and EP 104: Biostatistics II and two Practical papers namely EP- 155: Health Informatics and Computer Training and EP- 158: Health Informatics and Computer Training (Advanced).

Analytical Reports at the time of Disease Outbreaks:

During disease outbreaks, related information/data are collected/received, compiled, analyzed and reports prepared by the Cell. These reports are shared with the Dte. GHS, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and other Govt. agencies like MCD, Delhi Govt. etc. Reports on following diseases are prepared every week on regular basis:

  1. Cholera Cases in Delhi:  Stool samples of acute diarrhoea cases admitted in Infectious Disease Hospitals, Delhi and referred to NCDC, are examined by Microbiology Division for V. Cholera including 0139 Cholera and daily reports prepared. On the basis of these daily reports, the Cell prepars zone wise weekly reports and forwards them (along with line list) to MCD, Delhi regularly.
  2. Meningitis Disease Cases in Delhi:   Thedaily reports on the number of confirmed and probable cases and deaths due to Meningitis received from the MCD are analysed in the Cell and weekly reports giving week wise and zone wise number of cases, number of deaths, age-sex wise distribution etc. in the form of tables and graphs/geographical maps are prepared and shared with Dte. GHS and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  3. H1N1 Cases:  On the basis of thedaily reports on the number of confirmed and tested cases of H1N1 prepared by the Microbiology Division, the Cell prepares weekly reports giving week wise number of cases, age-sex distribution, monthly cases etc. in the form of tables and graphs
Administrative support for Conduct of MPH(FE) Course: 

The Cell coordinates all activities like supplying information to the University for preparation of Information Brochure for MPH (FE). The activities performed also include conducting the Internal and External Examinations of different Batches. The Cell at every stage and in respect of all activities related with the Course maintains a close coordination/ liaison with the GGSIP University to conduct the Course as per University Rules/Regulations. 

Analysis of the data received under IDSP:

Supervision and monitoring assistance is provided to IDSP in its data collection and data analysis on weekly basis and sending back the feedback to State Surveillance Units/District Surveillance Units. Presentation on Data Management including progress and analysis of data are made to World Bank Review Mission, CDC etc.  Regular assistance is also being provided in the updating/ modification of the IDSP Portal so that the entire IDSP data can be received directly through the portal and various reports at different levels (namely National/State and District) can be brought out through portal. Disease-wise data are consolidated on weekly basis and trends are seen so that the corrective measures can be taken.   

Information/Data for Preparation of Answers To Parliament Questions:

The Cell also compiles and supplies requisite statistical information/data for preparation of answers to Parliament Questions and other references received from time to time.


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