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Contribution of NCDC in containment of H1N1 Pandemic in India

The National Centre for Disease Control has played a leading role during the Influenza Pandemic 2009 and was identified as the nodal agency for H1N1 in the country and has played a vital role in the prevention and control of H1N1:

  • Early detection, investigation and containment of H1N1 was done by active surveillance at all the International airports by putting RRT from NCDC
  • Stockpiling and Distribution of PPE, N95 masks, surgical masks, hand rub, VTM, antiviral agents were supplied to all the states by NCDC
  • For rapid detection and reporting of laboratory confirmed H1N1 cases, 44labs has facility for testing H1N1 samples which were evaluated by NCDC and approve for testing by GOI.
  • A 24X7 Control Room at NCDC was established with toll free number for general public to get the information related to H1N1 any time.
  • A medical doctor was available at the control room to answer all queries on H1N1.
  • Contact tracing of lab confirmed cases was made through IDSP, NCDC network which are active through out the country.
  • Necessary IEC in the form of Electronic and Print Media was provided emphasizing on hand hygiene, cough, atticates, social distances do’s and don’t for general public was prepared by NCDC in collaboration with UNICEF .
  • Two issues of CD Alert’s on Influenza A H1N1 have been published by NCDC.
  • An Audio Visual film on PPE and sample collection has been prepared by NCDC in collaboration a with Dte GHS, Ministry of Health & FW and WHO.
  • Various guidelines regarding mask, school health programme, treatment etc. have been prepared by NCDC in collaboration with Dte GHS, Ministry of Health & FW.
  • Training imparted at different levels including support from IMA by experts from NCDC.
Pandemic H1N1 Influenza in India

Situation was monitored on daily, weekly and fortnightly basis by the expert group and routine surveillance was also carried out simultaneously.

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